Download the Hex Color Finder ZIP file, extract to a folder, and run Setup.exe to install.


The Hex Color Finder menu items are described below:
  • File
    • New Preset - Create a new preset (asks for preset name).
    • Reload Preset - Revert all changes to the preset to the last saved version.
    • Save Preset - Save the selected preset.
    • Rename Preset - Change the name of the preset.
    • Delete Preset - Delete the selected preset (a confirmation message appears before deletion occurs).
    • New Color - Create a new color at the end of the selected preset.
    • Delete Color - Delete the selected color.
    • Exit - Exit Hex Color Finder.
  • Edit
    • Copy Hex - Copy the current color's hexadecimal representation (#RRGGBB) to the clipboard.
  • Color
    • Common
    • Manipulate
      • Invert - Inverts the selected color.
      • Brighter - Brightens the selected color by a minute amount.
      • Darker - Darkens the selected color by a minute amount.
      • More Contrast - Makes the color more intense (more saturated).
      • Less Contrast - Makes the color grayer (less saturated).
  • Options
    • Link Scrollbars - Links the color component scrollbars so that changing the value of one will automatically change the 2 other scrollbars by the same amount. This creates a brightness/darkness effect when moving scrollbars.
    • New Color on Screen Color Pick - When this option is selected, picking a screen color will automatically create a new color (if there is a preset selected) rather than changing the existing selected color.
  • Help
    • Contents - Displays the help contents for Hex Color Finder.
    • About Hex Color Finder - Displays information about Hex Color Finder including the copyright information and product homepage.

Preset Toolbar

The following items are on the preset toolbar:
  • To select an existing preset, click on the selection box (the first item on the toolbar.

  • To create a new preset click the 'New Preset' button and type in a preset name.
  • To reload a preset click the 'Reload Preset' button.
  • To save a preset click the 'Save Preset' button.
  • To rename a preset click the 'Rename Preset' button and type in a preset name.
  • To delete a preset PERMANENTLY click the 'Delete Preset' button. This action cannot be undone.

  • To create a new color in the current preset, click the 'New Color' button. You may then manipulate the color by using the manipulation controls.
  • To delete the selected color, click the 'Delete Color' button. This action cannot be undone.

Manipulating Colors

To manipulate a color, first select the color from the preset color list at the bottom of the window or create a new color (press on the preset toolbar). If you do not have a preset selected, you may freely manipulate the current color but it will not be saved unless you explicitly create a preset.
To manipulate the selected color, you may do one of the following:
  • Directly manipulate the color component (RGB) values by adjusting the scrollbars or changing the edit box values. Each component must be in the range 0 to 255.
  • Use the Color->Manipulate menu. To see more information on this menu, click here.
  • Select a common color from the Color->Common menu. To see a list of the common colors, click here.
  • Select an intermediate value between the two gradient extremes by clicking in the gradient area.
  • Change the hexadecimal value near the bottom of the main window... the format is #RRGGBB.
  • Select a color from the screen by clicking and dragging the screen color picker button ().

Common Colors

Below is the list of common colors accessible from the Color->Common menu.
  •  Red
  •  Orange
  •  Yellow
  •  Yellow-Green
  •  Green
  •  Teal
  •  Blue
  •  Dark Blue
  •  Magenta
  •  Purple
  •  White
  •  Light Gray
  •  Gray
  •  Black

How to Uninstall Hex Color Finder 3.0

You can uninstall Hex Color Finder by running the included Uninstall shortcut from the start menu (NZ Software > Hex Color Finder > Uninstall Hex Color Finder), or you can uninstall it via Add/Remove programs in your control panel

Hex Color Finder Features

  • Always On Top (keeps HCF on top of all other programs)
  • Screen Color Picker (find color of any pixel on the screen)
  • Preset Colors (storage and grouping of colors)
  • Common Color Selection (commonly used colors)
  • Direct Color Component (RGB) Manipulation
  • Invert Color
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Gradient Values (mixing of two colors)

Is Hex Color Finder free?

Yes! Hex Color Finder is distributed as freeware.

System Requirements

In order to run Hex Color Finder, it is recommended that you have the following

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, 7, and later
  • 16-bit color or higher display (highly recommended)
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