Hex Color Finder was created back in 2002 by NZ Software as freeware. It is a hex color finder utility that is lightweight and easy to use. Since then the NZ Software website has gone offline ( HCF has a strong following, but sadly download results for Hex Color Finder on Google come up from Tucows, Yahoo! Downloads, etc. both whom have bundled it with their branded installers full of toolbars and adware. I created with this site with the original Hex Color Finder ZIP file from NZ Software, adware free. Download away!

Download Now

File Size: 1.07MB

Hex Color Finder Features

  • Always On Top (keeps HCF on top of all other programs)
  • Screen Color Picker (find color of any pixel on the screen)
  • Preset Colors (storage and grouping of colors)
  • Common Color Selection (commonly used colors)
  • Direct Color Component (RGB) Manipulation
  • Invert Color
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Gradient Values (mixing of two colors)

Is Hex Color Finder free?

Yes! Hex Color Finder is distributed as freeware.

System Requirements

In order to run Hex Color Finder, it is recommended that you have the following

  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, 7, and later
  • 16-bit color or higher display (highly recommended)
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